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Stop managed burns. A permit to burn is not a permit to pollute. The decisions made by a few individual burn managers affect the health and lives of millions of people in the path of toxic burn smoke. Local, state and federal burn agencies must discontinue employing antiquated methods of burning timber and producing toxic smoke particles, which are damaging to the environment, wildlife and human health. It’s time to restore clean air, the pristine beauty of our environment, and healthy living for our families and loved ones.

Follow existing laws. There are existing laws that protect air quality, health, Americans with Disabilities, wildlife, water clarity and the environment. We must ensure that these existing laws are being followed.

Activate advanced technology real-time toxic air monitoring. Current burn agency methods are outdated and ineffective. Placing state-of-the-art PM2.5, PM10, and Carbon Black sensors throughout Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada can provide transparent, real-time internet air quality monitoring. Accurate toxic air data can be used to confirm and shut down agency burns that endanger each and every one of us.

 Yes, I support the Tahoe Sierra Clean Air Coalition’s mission to restore clean air to Lake Tahoe and Sierra Nevada mountain, valley and foothill communities.

 Yes, I support the Tahoe Blue Sky Initiative.

  • Stop agency managed burns
  • Follow existing laws
  • Activate advanced technology real-time toxic air monitoring


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