Report the presence of toxic smoke from Agency burns affecting children, families, recreation, business, pets & wildlife.

Anyone can file a smoke complaint.

Clean air laws require local, state and federal burn agencies to have an effective smoke management plan to protect the public.  When a smoke management plan fails, smoke does not go up and out into the atmosphere as planned.

IMPORTANT:  Report smoke pollution to Air Quality Management District offices in California or Nevada, and to Tahoe Sierra Clean Air Coalition. Here’s how:

  • Observe burn pile or prescribed burn smoke moving downward or flat (rather than straight upward and out) that is impacting communities, neighborhoods and recreation
  • Locate the vicinity of the smoke by identifying street names or geographical locations
  • Take photos with your smart phone if possible
  • Call or Email a complaint to your local Air Quality Management District (For contact information and sample smoke complaint language, see below)
  • Contact Tahoe Sierra Clean Air Coalition
    Email or call 775-345-3465 to let us know that you have made a complaint.  Send us your photos if possible.
Click here to file a Smoke Pollution Complaint